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Taking the opportunity of the fourth country to accelerate the intelligent upgrading of agricultural machinery products

09-24-2019 YUNTAI

The location uploading and location service has made a big step in the intelligentization of agricultural machinery products, which has a great impact on agricultural machinery enterprises. With Beidou navigation technology, the product has been accurately positioned, and it has brought about great changes to government operation subsidy supervision, enterprise after-sales service, large-scale financing services, and deep development of product market. After the implementation of the national four emissions, location uploading is a mandatory technical measure, its impact on the agricultural machinery industry will be more and more, the majority of agricultural machinery enterprises should have a high degree of understanding and action.

The National IV engine digitally and accurately controls the fuel injection system through the computer. The controller ECU of the engine becomes standard. The diesel engine is digitalized, which will greatly promote the technical upgrade of agricultural machinery products. This time the country is upgrading, I think it is a very good opportunity for the intelligent development of our agricultural machinery.

What is the gap between China's agricultural machinery products and international advanced agricultural machinery products? The first point is our reliability and our reliability is not good. In the past few years, we have made great progress in reliability through digital manufacturing. The second point is the ergonomic design of the product, which makes the user more comfortable and convenient. The third and largest gap is the intelligence of agricultural machinery products. With the large-scale, high-speed, and automated advancement of agricultural machinery, if you do not implement intelligence, such as large cotton pickers, you will not be able to perform high efficiency or even operate well.

Guosi enforced the digitization of products and promoted the digital manufacturing of agricultural machinery and the intelligent research and development of products. How to use the digital technology of the National IV engine to improve the level of intelligence of its products must be highly valued. Intelligentization and interconnection are the inevitable trend of upgrading agricultural machinery products, and this development is far faster than we think. We have never thought that in just two years, Beidou Navigation has become the standard for large tractors and harvesters. The digitalization of agricultural machinery is so fast that it is a test for enterprises.

Where is the intelligence of the National IV engine reflected? The electronically controlled engine plus the automatic fault diagnosis system OBD enables agricultural machinery to perform logic analysis and data exchange from simple data acquisition, signal transmission and signal display. This is a function not available in the National Engine. The engine ECU and the gearbox TCU realize the interconnection of data through the vehicle VCU, so that the tractor is always in the best working state during the automatic matching process of power matching, torque matching and speed matching, and the work quality and work efficiency are greatly improved. Fuel consumption is significantly reduced. The four engines of the country have brought about the changes in the intelligentization of agricultural machinery. Many enterprises have not yet had time to digest them. It is necessary to study these problems very well. Entering the fourth stage of the country, if you only aim at achieving emissions standards, you will be behind or even out.

Guosi has inserted wings for the intelligentization of agricultural machinery. From traditional power shifting to automatic shifting, it is inseparable from the diesel engine control upgrade. Since the 1990s, power-shift tractors have been developed in some large companies in John Deere. From Euro I to Euro IV, tractors have intelligently shifted from traditional power shifting to fully automatic shifting. The diesel engine emission upgrade has promoted the intelligent advancement of tractors. In China, this effect is more prominent. How to quickly improve the intelligent technology of agricultural machinery by upgrading the engine emission standards is a problem that enterprises must pay attention to and face. With the four engines and power shifts, it will achieve more man-machine communication and agricultural precision operations.

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